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Targeted Marketing

In today’s competitive environment, “targeted marketing” is a crucial concept that is highly developed at the theoretical level. Agencies and companies have no trouble clearly identifying whom they want to target and what they want to market. However, true expertise at the imaging and fulfillment levels – the very tasks necessary to complete the successful execution of a targeted marketing project – is in short supply.

While there are a number of imaging vendors, very few understand the requirements of true variable imaging. Even fewer are equipped to deal with the number of variations required to target each consumer accurately.

The SSI Solution
SSI, one of the premier variable imaging vendors in the country, offers the expertise and quality control procedures that make a substantial difference in the success of your targeted marketing campaigns. We help you generate a better return on your marketing investment – with less time and effort on your part.

Our highly developed, time-tested audit and QC procedures mean that you, our customer, can quickly and easily confirm the accuracy of the execution of your project. Instead of looking at haphazard pieces of mail, you’ll get a full audit recap of every piece mailed, by version, with instant access to any specific record you need.

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Case Study:
One-to-One Marketing

A leading auto manufacturer wanted to upgrade the outdated generic service coupon mailers that it offered to its dealers. They wanted to personalize and vary the offer by dealer, and target the customer down to the make, model and mileage of their vehicle and whether or not they were already a loyal customer.

In conjunction with the manufacturer’s ad agency, SSI developed a program that enabled the company to offer dealer-specific coupons triggered by mileage service intervals, personalized with the year, make, model and mileage of the customer’s vehicle. Each dealership could customize its offers, including price, amenities, expiration date, and wording.

SSI initially developed the programming to take the dealer coupon information and pair it with each consumer. Later, the agency was able to place the concept on-line, allowing dealers to enroll and design their offerings interactively.

Now that the program is well established, we update a library of over 3,300 variable offers weekly, merge the offers with over 100,000 consumers and 300 participating dealerships per month, and mail within four days of receipt of data and coupon changes.