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Print & Fulfillment Services

SSI provides one of the most flexible print environments in the Metroplex. We can produce laser images in both black and color, simplex or duplex, from 7" to 17" wide and from 10" to 14" in length. SSI also furnishes both black or highlight color inkjet, or a combination of the two.

We know that a thorough quality check throughout the print run is imperative, so we don’t just load paper and go. At prescribed intervals, we double-check data integrity and stock versioning, as well as print quality. Our staff is thoroughly trained to watch for the small things that can sabotage a project, like variations in stock or data anomalies.

Our experience has also taught us how to print images on difficult and unusual stocks in all types of atypical formats. And just to be safe, we offer free stock consultation to help you avoid potential problems before printing.

Our fulfillment processes are designed to handle the most difficult jobs: numerous versions, a wide variety of components, or multi-page matches. Our staff doesn’t assemble by rote; we make certain employees thoroughly understand the scope and intent of the various components. They are encouraged to ask questions if something seems amiss, and employees at all levels are empowered to stop a job if they feel something “doesn’t seem right.”

To further ensure successful fulfillment, SSI has developed proprietary assembly and QC processes. For your most important projects, our High Value Document Services uses cutting-edge technology to assure the highest levels of accuracy.

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Case Study:
2500 Versions, 100% Accuracy
SSI prints and fulfills a semi-annual regulatory mailing to approximately 200,000 customers of a large Texas utility company. Not only does the project involve up to 16 letter versions printed on four different kinds of paper stock, it also includes the printing of 190 different versions of inserts. To make matters even more challenging, the customer data and insert information is not available until three weeks before the mail date.

Fulfillment involves over 2,500 different package versions! We have printed and fulfilled this mailing on time with 100% accuracy for over three years.