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Production & Distribution

SSI understands that invoices and statements are a critical function for every business. They must be correct and they must go out on time. No errors, no delays, no excuses.

That’s why we developed proprietary processes to streamline invoice and statement production while improving accuracy – we even audit your data for you. Our proprietary processes often function better than your in-house systems – allowing more flexibility and faster response, especially during peak times. Outsourcing invoice and statement production allows your company to focus on its core expertise while you rely on ours.

We give you access to updated technologies – online presentment and lookup, emailing of documents and electronic archiving – that simplify and improve customer service and collections while reducing the strain on your internal resources.

Have you ever wanted to change the way your statements look, but have been told that it can’t be done or would be too expensive? SSI can give your old statement a fresh, new look that incorporates your existing data seamlessly. We can also easily add marketing messages to targeted segments of your customer base without involving your IT department.

Presorting for postal discounts saves you money and improves delivery. However, the process can be enhanced by address correction and updating, and
Return Mail Management System (RMMS) – critical aspects if you have a customer base that frequently relocates.

SSI offers the kind of reliability that gives you peace of mind – we have redundant systems, a disaster recovery process, and we operate 24 hours a day/seven days a week. Your most important business function deserves professional protection.

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Case Study:
From Frustration to Satisfaction
When the invoice volume of an 80-year-old apparel manufacturing company outgrew its legacy system, the company began outsourcing its invoice production (but not to SSI). The process was plagued with extensive errors and delays that jeopardized several customer relationships. Even worse, the vendor couldn’t answer questions or provide concrete information when problems arose. They couldn’t even confirm which invoices mailed on any particular day.

Although frustrated with the outsourcing process, this company nevertheless chose to move their production to SSI because of its unblemished reputation.

The result?
SSI successfully mailed correct invoices on time week after week, and our now-satisfied client chose to outsource statement processing as well, saving three man-days per month. They have also been able to meet customer demand for emailed invoices by utilizing SSI’s electronic invoice distribution.

Just recently, our client sent us an email that said: “We feel comfortable enough with what has been going out that we trust the process. SSI is doing a great job. We have received excellent customer service and you have been extremely attentive. We appreciate you.” Here at SSI, that’s what it’s all about!