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Human Resource

Since the company’s inception, human resource communications has been a major focus for SSI. Each staff member – from computer programmers to printing and fulfillment personnel – understands and watches for the specific nuances that are so important to benefits work: over-65, leave-of-absence, terminations, part-time versus full-time, etc.

Because HR data is so complex, we have developed a wide range of audit tools to identify populations that may have issues or require different treatment. This audit expertise extends to the print and fulfillment operations – we can easily keep track of specialized versions and inserts for various populations.

Our High Value Document Services (HVDS) was specifically developed to address the high-risk environment of benefits and other human resource communications.

SSI designs customized programs to fit your specific needs and achieve your particular goals. Our trademark qualities of extended service hours, quick response times and deadline flexibility enable us to handle intricate issues while keeping a time-sensitive project on track. Because SSI usually processes data and fulfills projects much faster than your internal resources, you are assured of meeting your deadlines.

SSI also offers a wide range of charting and graphing capabilities, including interactive modeling tools. We can even provide your statement and/or modeling tool on CD-ROM, either for archiving/lookup or as an individually personalized tool for each of your employees.

We realize that confidentiality and security are paramount with these sensitive projects. Every SSI employee signs a confidentiality agreement, not as a formality but with the full understanding of what it means and what is required. Data is maintained on a secure server with access allowed only to those who actually process the job. One of our top priorities is to protect your data.

SSI routinely produces:
• Benefits Statements
• Benefits Enrollment Worksheets
• Benefits Confirmation Letters
• Cash Balance Statements
• 401K Statements
• Retirement Planning Tools
• Stock Offerings
• Compensation Statements
• Early Retirement Offerings
• Privacy Statements
• Notices and Announcements (such as PIN notification)
• Newsletters
• Surveys and Questionnaires
• Employee Incentive Programs (gift cards/certificates, bonus distribution, etc.)

For PeopleSoft® (or any other format that can be output as a PDF) users, SSI has developed a method to transform the plain-vanilla, standard PeopleSoft output into an easy-to-read booklet format with optional graphics. This transformation allows a company using PeopleSoft to output statements that look professionally designed with increased accuracy and reduced production time for a minimal additional cost.

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Case Study:
An Almost Impossible Task Completed to Perfection
A large global company chose SSI to produce a complex early retirement package that involved many stages of production and redemption. Each package contained up to five personalized pieces with eight different versions. SSI completed assembly of this project two days ahead of time with 100% accuracy for over 30,000 employees.

We handled redemptions over a two-month period, with daily personalized fulfillment of packages containing multiple personalized inserts. All redemptions were completed with 100% accuracy, as well. The project went so smoothly, with a minimum of client resources, that the CEO of our client company included this success story in his report to his board of directors.