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Data Management

SSI’s experienced team of data experts understands the complex and often subtle relationships between your data and your marketing strategy. We approach and manage your project as a partner, making certain we have a full understanding of the big picture as well as the critical details. We talk with you and we listen to your goals and needs. We then recommend a course of action, including a range of audit tools to assure you that you’re getting what you need.

Because our systems are designed to be flexible and responsive, our data services typically cost less than the overhead of your own IT staff. You don’t have to cope with competing internal priorities, scheduling, budgeting issues, or educating IT personnel who aren’t accustomed to the intricacies of data management.

SSI’s data management team looks carefully at your data to identify potential problems, analyzing it for anomalies and hidden data issues. We utilize our experience to watch for elements that can undermine effectiveness.

Because security and reliability are our number one concern, we use rigorous precautions to safeguard your data. We regularly participate in extensive risk-assessment security reviews. We provide disaster recovery services to numerous clients and have entered into several partnerships to ensure our own ability to recover from any disaster quickly, with no loss of data.

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Case Study:
Fast, Powerful and Accurate
A Fortune 100 company had a huge customer database, but its IT department couldn’t respond quickly enough to requests for specific customer selects.

Because the appropriate data could not be obtained quickly enough, our client was losing customers to competitors’ offers. Our client needed the ability to select customers by a large number of changing criteria – and they needed it within 48 hours following the request.

After our client turned over the process to SSI, we were able to deliver custom-selected data on time every week for the entire two-year program.

In addition, SSI developed a proprietary audit process that allowed our client to preview what they would receive from each request, and then audit the data all the way through imaging and fulfillment. That way they could determine if they were getting exactly what they needed before the final data selection and could refine their criteria, if necessary. Even better, our audit tool helped ensure that the lettershop was following our client’s instructions correctly.