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Check Production
and Distribution

(Rebate/Marketing, Fulfillment, Payroll, A/P)

Successful and accurate check production requires special attention to data, the right equipment, high security, and strict audit procedures. SSI’s proprietary check process provides all that and much more.

Whether you need customer rebate checks, payroll checks, loan voucher checks, or any other kind of financial document, SSI can create them correctly and ensure their security. We make it easy for you because SSI understands the entire check production process, from the initial bank test through positive pay. We also know to be especially attentive when data is received so we can be certain that everything is correct BEFORE printing occurs.

For even greater peace of mind and audit tracking, we add our
High Value Document Services to your check production process, to ensure 100% accuracy in production.

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Case Study:
Lots of Checks,
Lots of Versions – No Problems!

A Fortune 500 company decided to roll out a pre-approved/pre-qualified loan check and voucher program in Texas. They had never done this type of program before, but they were very aware of the security and legal considerations.

The program had two main types of documents – pre-approved checks and pre-qualified loan vouchers with seven different loan amounts for each – for a total of 14 versions. The pre-approved checks were subject to a positive pay system, while the data for both the checks and pre-approved vouchers (including the unique document identification) had to be reported to a telemarketing/response center.

This program ran weekly for 13 weeks, with over $91 million dollars of checks and vouchers generated without a single error.